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Reputation Management Dallas

When you hear the name Rockefeller or Kennedy what do you think about? A lot can be said about those families and the fame that followed their name. Fame involves the good, bad and indifferent that a person or product experiences. Reputation management is a tool that's used to guard the fame or reputation of a particular person, product or company. In this world of modern technology, the internet has become a viable source to bolster a reputation. However at the same time the internet can also damage a person's reputation or credibility as well.

Most Dallas reputation management firms specialize in acting as the gatekeeper for their clients. A key element in policing is monitoring your client's name. I recommend setting google alerts for your client. This rather easy tool allows you to stay abreast of anything that may show up on the internet about your client. Good press often comes from other sources as well. So this monitoring is two-fold in nature. And of course if something unpleasant surfaces you are then empowered to devise a plan to target it.

Monitor your clients customer reviews as well. Often customers will post negative feedback on consumer reports and ripoff reports. These negative comments become the fuel for your marketing campaign. Many Dallas SEO specialists attempt to attack the reports by posting more positive information about the company through press releases, articles, blogs and more. The aim is to push the negative information further down on Google. While this effort is not always an overnight success, you are still building great content for your client on the world wide web.

Reputation Management Dallas


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